Children’s Ministry Team

Who are we?  CMT consists of the Children’s Ministry Coordinator, the Sunday Operations Coordinator, the Nursery Coordinator, Children’s Ministry Teachers and any other at-large members that are interested in the direction of children’s ministry at Chilson Hills Church.

What do we do?  CMT plans, coordinates, and implements the curriculum for our youngest members of the church. We provide the children with age appropriate lessons. We teach children how to apply the things they learn at church to their lives’ outside of the church. We provide a safe and secure place for the children of the church to come learn about God through stories, music, art, and movement. We also provide a place for the children to form friendships and make connections with others in the church that will provide guidance for years to come

Why is it significant?  We provide the children of the church with religious education and a foundation for their future spiritual life.

How often do we meet?  CMT meets once a month throughout the school year, with one meeting in the summer. We meet at 6:30 for 1-2 hours.

How much of a time commitment?  One monthly meeting and any other time that you are able to commit to teaching or helping in the Sunday School.

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