Finance Ministry Team

Who are we? The Finance Ministry Team consists of the church’s Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Assistant Financial Secretary and other church members who are interested in overseeing the finances of Chilson Hills Church.

What do we do? The Finance Team’s primary responsibilities include organizing the annual giving campaign and preparing an annual budget for approval by the Executive Ministry Team. The team also performs other duties related to the finances of the church as needed, such as, arranging for refinancing of the mortgage, reviewing insurance policies, recommending investments, auditing the church’s financial records and procedures, etc.

Why is it significant? Donors to Chilson Hills Church need to be able to trust that their contributions are used wisely to achieve the mission of the church.

How often do we meet? The Finance Team meets about 6-8 times from August through November for planning the giving campaign and preparing the budget. It meets on an as needed the basis the rest of the year.

How much of a time commitment? The Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Assistant Financial Secretary spend a considerable amount of time during the year performing the duties of their positions. However, the time commitment for the Finance Team itself is usually limited to the August- November meetings. The Finance Team Leader spends additional time preparing the commitment cards, composing the letter that is sent with the commitment cards, sending emails to other ministry team leaders requesting budget information, and updating the budget spreadsheet between meetings.

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