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Chilson Hills Church depends on the generosity of individuals in its community to provide for the continuing welfare of the local, national, and international presence of the Christian church.  Your financial donation can assist our ministry mightily–covering all necessary items for the proper functioning of church life and expanding our service locally and internationally.
Chilson Hills Church has two primary funds: The General Fund which covers all operating expenses and The Mortgage Fund which helps us pay off our building.  Any contribution made to The General Fund can be utilized in whatever way the church deems necessary.  Any contribution made to The Mortgage Fund can only be used paying off the building.

For more information on donating to Chilson Hills Church, e-mail or call (810) 227-9596.

CHARGING BY CREDIT CARD:  This webpage allows you to charge your donations to a credit card through Paypal. Paypal keeps 2.9% of your donation to cover the expense of online processing.

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