Ministry of Presence

Who are we? The Ministry of Presence Team (MOP) at Chilson Hills Church is an instrument of God’s peace, drawing attention to the presence of Christ by providing spiritual support, peace and comfort through the sacred act of visitation.

What do we do? The Ministry of Presence Ministry Team acts on behalf of the pastor by consoling, listening, offering prayer, sharing scripture, anointment and sharing communion.

Why is it significant? The Ministry of Presence attends to people who are a in a time of crisis and reminds people that they are not alone. Our ministry re-enacts the love of Christ.

How often do we meet? No meetings except for annual training sessions.

How much of a time commitment? Initial orientation session lasts 1.5 hours. Training session takes place on a Saturday morning. Expect to be “on-call” at least once a month on weekends or during the week depending on your schedule.

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