Multi-Media (A/V) Ministry Team

Multi-Media (A/V) Ministry Team is a sub-team of the Worship Design Team

Who are we? We attend to the sound and video support on Sunday mornings and other special services and events. Certain members (MediaShout “techs” and MediaShout “creators”) create attractive, accurate screen presentations for Sunday morning worship services using the MediaShout software.

What do we do? Provide audio & video support for Sunday services, weddings, funerals & special services.

Why is it significant? Sound support via microphones is an absolute necessity in our building. Video presentations clarifies the message of the service. People depend on our screens for song lyrics and information.

How often do we meet? Every Sunday

How much of a time commitment? 1-2 hours on Sunday. Participants on this team could be asked to help out with weddings. Weddings last approximately 1 hour. Wedding rehearsals last approximately 1 hour.  Funerals last approximately 1 hour. Team members who help with weddings or funerals may receive cash payments. Team members can also expect to be asked to help out with other special services, concerts/seminars from outside.

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