Prayer Requests (Updated 09/24/21)

Pray for those struggling with anxiety.

Pray for Aimee Kilcher (Friend of Angie Miller) who is recovering from foot surgery to remove malignant tissue and is now fighting double pneumonia.

Pray for Colleen Head, is in very serious condition as she is battling COVID, while suffering from multiple blood clots and is currently in a coma on a ventilator. (Carol Tyler)

Pray for Sue Ping who is at home and recovering from a successful hip surgery.

Pray for Marv Tyler who is at home recovering from a second knee surgery.

Pray for Darrell Milburn and family as the whole family is ill with COVID. (Debbie Hay)

Please pray for Steve and Jan Funke as they mourn the loss of Steve’s brother, Mike.
Pray for the family to feel God’s peace and comfort during this time when complex family dynamics are magnified.

Pray for the family and friends of Pam Deaton (Friend of Karen Reames and Dave Shirk). Pam passed away due to complications from COVID-19.

Pray for Carra Wheat and her family (close friends of Mary and Mark Fischer), as they navigate through and process the sudden loss of Carra’s father. Please pray for the family and congregation of the church he has led, as pastor for over 20years.

Pray for Karen Reames as she recovers from hand surgery.

Pray for Andy Snook (15 years old), Andy is still on life support from a near fatal swimming accident but making improvements. (Andy’s Father is a coworker of Mark Fischer)

Pray for all of the educators, faculty and students that are embarking on a new school year.

Pray for families that are hurting from the division of political opinion.

Pray for Christine Stumpo who is recovering from surgery of thyroid removal.
(Daughter in law of Karen Reames)

Pray for Amy Kidd (Sister of Greg Kidd) Healing of ulcers on feet due to Diabetes.

Pray for Marsha Luetjien (dear friend of Sue Wilson). Marsha has been dealing with lupus among other health concerns and most recently is enduring extreme pain due to a dislocated hip that cannot be fixed. The stress of her pain has now led to chest pains and breathing issues.

Pray for Rhonda Madrigal, friend of Holly Hinson, who is recovering from knee surgery.

Pray for Steven Brondyke who has been deployed to Afghanistan to help return American’s via the airport. Steven is the Grandson of Frank & Veronica Godwin (friends of Dave Shirk & Karen Reames).

Pray for the people of Afghanistan as they face immeasurable turmoil and terror due to the Taliban.

Pray for the family and friends of Karen Meadows as they mourn her passing from pancreatic cancer (Nancy Runyon).

Pray for Greg Turner who is anxiously waiting for blood clots to clear from his legs and lungs.  His legs continue to be very swollen.

Pray for Connie, Marybeth Miller‘s mother, who is recovering from a fall.

Pray for Bob who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. (Husband of Dorothy, dear friend of Lea Morello)

Pray for Bob who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. (Husband of Dorothy, dear friend of Lea Morello)

Pray for the family of Thomas Mike as they mourn his passing. (Holly Hinson)

Pray for George Lawrence as he is dealing with a stage 4 liver cancer diagnosis. (Holly Hinson)

Pray for Jimmy Hart (Relative of Karen Reames) as he navigates through health issues.

Pray for Valerie and Walt Jolson (Relatives of Karen Reames) Valerie is healing from a brain tumor and Walt is battling bladder cancer.

Pray for Jenny Melkvik who is at home recovering from pneumonia.

Pray for Jane Severn who was just diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (friend of Nancy Runyon)

Pray for Soni Jones (Sister of Nick Miller) who is recovering from a stroke. Soni is also mourning the sudden loss of her Husband, Norm. Please keep her and her son Leeland in your prayers.

Please pray for Gary Callendar who recently lost his wife Barb (very dear friend of Sally Marshall) to a brain aneurysm.

Pray for Jenny Melkvik as she recovers from successful surgery on her neck. Jenny is feeling a little better everyday, prayers that she continues to improve.

Pray for Jan Funke‘s brother, Rick, as he heals from a broken femur, he has a long road to recovery.

Pray for Jesse Ping as he recovers from successful ankle replacement surgery.

Pray for Scott Rabideau, son of Sue & Darryl Rabideau who is in the hospital battling many different symptoms.

Pray for the family of Margaret Zander.  Margaret was a member of Chilson Hills Church who recently passed away.  Pray for Margaret’s family as they mourn her loss.

Pray for Kristen, (Niece of Sally and Richard Marshall), who has healed physically from serious infection but is struggling emotionally.

Pray for Jan Funke as she heals from a broken shoulder while also caring for her elderly mother, Lois.

Pray for Bob and Nadine Russell,  Bob has begun kidney dialysis.

Pray for the Rose family (Don and Pat Rose) as they have recently lost their granddaughter Tamara due to a heart attack.

Pray for the niece of Marybeth Miller, Jada who is undergoing cancer treatment. Please keep Jada’s children in your prayers as well.

Pray for Alia McStay’s (Schubbe) daughter, Heather who is working with the developmentally disabled.  Pray fore the entire staff and administration.

Pray for Sue, friend of Nancy Runyon, whose husband recently died.

Pray for Lee Southard (dear friend of Holly Hinson) who is in the hospital in grave condition due to issues related to alcoholism.

Pray for Doreen Renko‘s brother, Donald, who is struggling with kidney issues

Pray for Pat Reames, brother of Karen Reames, who is being monitored for numerous issues.  Pray that God would give him strength during this recovery program.

Pray for Mary Fischer’s dear friend Cheryl, as she continues the long road to recovery from multiple health issues.

Pray for the Franks/Balyeat family as they struggle through their family crisis.

Pray for Dann Lipke as he continues to recover.

Pray also for Rev. Christian Adams and the people of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church our sister church in Detroit.

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