Sermon – November 4, 2018

Speaker: DJ Reed

Sermon Text: Mark 12:13-17

Sermon Title: “The Place of Politics”

Sermon Question: What role should politics play in the life of a Christian

Sermon Synopsis: Politics can never shoulder the burden that was meant to be carried by our Savior, Jesus.  God is more concerned about our loyalty and our obedience that God is concerned about our political affiliations.

Sermon – October 21, 2018

Speaker: DJ Reed

Sermon Text:  2 Samuel 11:1-5, 26-27; 12:1-9; Psalm 51:1-9

Sermon Title:  “The Devil’s Toolbox”

Sermon Series: “Back in Busyness”

Sermon Question:  When life settles down, how do we use our time?

Sermon Synopsis:  When getting busy gets you in trouble OR the space of boredom left after busyness.  David is spiritually bankrupt after years of busyness.  He is unable to manage his downtime, oblivious to his friends, ignorant of boundaries, and unaware of his own sinfulness.

Winter Emphasis: The Gospel of John

This winter we will be digging into The Gospel of John which is regarded as the most intimate and mysterious biblical account of Jesus. Sunday morning Bible studies begin on January 14, and a special 6 week study will be offered during the season of Lent. If you think you know Jesus, be assured…THERE’S MORE.


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