Sermon – April 2, 2017

Speaker: D.J. Reed
Sermon Text: Luke 18:35-19:10
Sermon Title: “Practicing Compassion: Addicts and Bullies”
Sermon Question:  How do I show compassion to needy people and abusive people who use their power to oppress others?
Sermon Synopsis: Jesus’ willingness to pay attention to a needy beggar and a short bully of a tax collector, sets an example for us.  We all long for Jesus!

Sermon – February 26, 2017

Speaker: D.J. Reed
Sermon Text: Luke 9:28-45
Sermon Title: “Home: A Home of Discipleship”
Sermon Question: How can my home be a place where I am strengthened and empowered for ministry?
Sermon Synopsis:  Many times we retreat from our homes to escape the world.  But what if our homes were places where we were given exciting visions that compelled us and equipped us for ministry.  Peter wanted to stay on the mountain and make his home on the mountain, but there was a whole heap of ministry opportunities waiting for him.
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