Vacation Bible School Ministry

Who are we? We are passionate about creating a high-energy, vibrant and effective VBS program each summer.

What do we do? Each year we select the theme, curriculum and the date for each year’s Vacation Bible School. We help arrange fundraisers, determine annual budgets and plan each VBS from start to finish. We enlist volunteers, arrange crafts, plan out meals and decorate the facilities. We also help execute VBS programs which take place on weekday evenings.

Why is it significant? Vacation Bible School is a catalyst for our children’s program and is the premiere event for our congregation. Nothing brings Chilson Hills Church together like VBS!

How often do we meet? Meetings are scheduled as needed. Most of our meetings take place online.

How much of a time commitment? Plan on committing a full-evening to VBS during VBS week (Mon.-Fri.). Set-up times prior to the event could require several hours to entire Saturday or Sunday afternoon (depending on the number of helpers). It all depends on what you’re doing and how much time you’re able to offer.

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