Worship Design Team

Who are we? Our team is passionate about creating worship services that connect with the hearts of those who worship with us on a Sunday morning. The team is composed of the music director, the pastor, the A/V director, MediaShout creators and presenters, worship leaders, CHAT leaders, and other interested members.

What do we do? We meet on a weekly basis to discuss and plan Sunday morning worship services. We also help execute each worship service.

Why is it significant? We plan out the hour-long worship services that inspire, shape, delight, provoke and persuade. Worship services are the congregational expression of adoration and praise to God.

How often do we meet? Once a week. We also meet once a quarter for three hours on Sunday afternoons.

How much of a time commitment? One hour a week. Quarterly meetings last 3 hours. We meet once a month during the summer.

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