Youth Ministry Team

Who are we? A team of four leaders for 2013-14 – two for each Middle and Senior High groups – ideally a male and female for each group so that with overnight trips we can be with and support all the students.

What do we do? Develop relationships with the students, Provide emotional and spiritual support, and assisting them to grow in their faith and life. Logistical responsibilities include: leading weekly meetings through the school year which includes devotional/study, activities, prayer, etc; relating with and communicating with parents about life and family issues; coordinate and lead trips such as mission trips, and weekend adventures. Help students to raise money for activities and mission experiences, and communicate regularly with students.

Why is it significant? It is hard to imagine a more significant ministry than to be an important part in the life journey of children and students through high school to help them develop and grow their faith and understand what it means to be part of a Christian community.

How often do we meet? Typically the youth groups meet once per week—Wednesdays 5:30-7:30 pm.

How much of a time commitment? Typically, the weekly commitment is for a two-hour meeting and any prep time that is required by those leading any portion of that meeting. Outside of this, the time commitment is centralized around relationship building with students & parents, administrative tasks, meeting to coordinate leadership efforts. Our youth get together in two home groups twice a month.  For more information about these groups, contact Pastor DJ (Middle School) at, or Greg Kidd (High School) at

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