Come to an exciting weekend of exploring the Bible.  You’ll learn how to read the Bible and how to study the first Book of The New Testament in the Bible.  Our Master teacher will be Bill Shiell of Northern Seminary.  Programming for children and youth.

What will the schedule for the weekend be?

Friday, April 5

– 6:30 PM – Dinner

– 7:15 PM – Worship

– 7:30 PM – Ice Breaker/Session 1

– 9:00 PM – Dismissal


Saturday, April 6

– 9:00 AM – Gather/Worship

– 9:30 AM – Session 2

– 10:30 AM – Break

– 10:40 AM – Session 3

– 11:40 AM – Break

– 11:45 AM – Session 4

– 12:30 PM – Lunch

– 1:00 PM – Dismissal

What should I bring?

We invite you to bring your own Bible, but if you do not have a Bible or if your Bible is old, or written in a style that you struggle to understand, then we have a limited number of Bibles here for you.  Please let me know if you will definitely be needing a Bible, so we can have it ready for you.  Otherwise, we will assume you will be bringing your own Bible.

You’ll also want to bring a pen and a notebook.

Should I eat before I come on Friday night?

Yes.  We will serve dessert.  And we will have snacks available on Saturday morning.

How much does it cost?

$25 for adults.  $5 for kids.  Cash or check.  Make your checks out to Chilson Hills Church

What will the sessions be like?

Dr. Shiell will be walking us through the Gospel of Matthew and will leave time at the end of every session for discussion and questions.  This will feel like drinking water through a fire hose!  It really will.  But there will be space for you to process with each other and ask questions of Dr. Shiell.  I think you will find him engaging and approachable.

What will our kids be doing?

Lori Miller and her husband, Pastor Dan Miller will be taking care of our kids.  Cassie Davis will be helping out.  They too, will be going through some key stories and teachings in the Gospel of Matthew.

Will this be for beginners or experts of the Bible?

This is for the person who is just getting acquainted with the Bible and the individual who has been reading the Bible for years.  Dr. Shiell is the kind of teacher who can make the Bible come alive for anyone!

What about Sunday morning?

We will be having a breakfast together on Sunday, April 7 at 9 AM.  The goal of this breakfast is to let you know about our upcoming spiritual growth opportunities in the summer and fall.  This will also be an opportunity for you to share your interests and preferences.  Alex Pickens, a missionary/chaplain to first responders in Lansing, will be our guest speaker during the 10:30 worship service.

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