Saturday, June 17, 10AM – Noon

What’s the big deal with baptism?  Why is it so important?  Does baptism give you a ticket to go to heaven?  Why do you have to get “immersed” when you get baptized?  Should I get baptized if I’ve already been baptized as an infant?  If you’ve ever asked these questions or if you’ve been thinking about getting baptized at Chilson Hills Church, then come to a unique workshop for children, youth and adults led by Chilson Deacons.  Participants will walk through a variety of stations which tell the story of creation, sin, death, new life and how baptism communicates this message.  A special outdoor baptism service will be held at Bishop Lake on June 25 for anyone interested in getting baptized.  Contact Pastor D.J. at if you would like to attend the workshop or if you would like to take the plunge and get baptized!



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