“Music can touch the deepest part of our souls. When we hunger for God, music can lead us into worship. When we try to hide from Him, music can melt the walls we have built up around us.”

During our worship services, music is presented as an expression of love to God, not just by our choirs and soloists, but also by the entire congregation.

As a family of faith, we lift our voices to God through a wide range of special musical selections.

We have several different music ensembles at Chilson Hills Church. There is the Adult Choir Ensemble, which meets once a week; the Youth Arts Ministry, which highlights a blend of singing, instruments and drama; the Bell Choir ensemble, which welcomes youth and adults and meets once a week. All of these groups periodically perform in our worship services. 

Our worship services are coordinated and planned by the collaborative worship team which is led by our Director of Worship, Amber Wist.

If you would like to participate in any of these music ensembles or if you would like to offer your musical talents to the music ministry here at Chilson Hills Church, please contact Amber Wist. If you want to know more about how you can get involved in music and worship, just contact us by email or phone.

Contact Amber Wist

To get involved or offer your musical talents to the music ministry please contact Amber Wist at

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