Property Management Team

Who are we? Property Management Team: Caretakers and managers of Chilson Hills Church, God’s house of worship.

What do we do? We work with the church administrator to monitor and maintain the condition of the church building and grounds. We manage the building usage for congregational and community functions. We are responsible for facility improvements and repairs. We monitor church contracts for snow removal and lawn care.

Why is it significant? A well-maintained church and properly groomed grounds helps the congregation and community feel safe, warm and welcomed. Our work makes our place of worship pleasing to the eye and inspiring.

How often do we meet? We meet monthly.

How much of a time commitment? Our meetings last 1-2hrs, depending on the issues covered. Commitment for services needed, i.e. repair, maintenance, can vary depending on the task at hand (lawn care, trimming, inside repairs, light changing, etc) and the number of people on the team that are available for labor.

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