Sunday, October 4 – 6 PM at Chilson Hills Church

Click here to download a poster – spread the word!

We are looking forward to Hosting the Ugandan Kids Choir and we are in need of 3 Host homes for the children and their chaperones.  Hosts will need to have 2 spare bedrooms, 1 for the chaperone and 1 for the children.  The Choir will be arriving Sunday afternoon and we will provide a dinner for them before their performance at 6p.  They will be staying for 2 nights, Sunday and Monday, then on Tuesday they will be leaving around noon from the church for their next destination.  More information will be available on request but for now if you can open your hearts and homes to this wonderful young  group please let the church office know so we can confirm  the activities and accommodations with the UKC organization.  Contact Karen Reames at for more information.  Check out the promo videos!

Thank you for Hosting !

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