Sign-up to volunteer for the Severe Weather Center!  The Severe Weather Center is a ministry to individuals affected by homelessness which provides food and shelter during our coldest months. Chilson will be hosting the center in February and we are responsible for providing volunteers from February 1 through 5. Go to or contact Rose Berton at for more information. Here are some ways you can help:

 Check-in and guest management (7-10pm): Help take care of guests as they arrive and get settled.

Overnight Management (10pm-7:30am): Guests are assessed throughout the night.

Morning Management (6-7:30am): Assist with cleaning.

Meals (7-9pm): Provide a simple dinner for the guests.

Laundry Team: Laundry (towels and bedding) is picked-up and laundered once a week and dropped back off at the church.


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