We will be having a worship service at 10:30 AM for those who would like to join us! However, we know that many will feel anxious on slow and slick roads. So, please don’t feel bad if you can’t join us this morning. Instead, take some time to read Mark 2:1-22 (our sermon Scripture passage) and think about how Jesus has the power to heal not only our sicknesses but also our sins. Take some time this morning to thank God for your health, and for God’s forgiveness that God offers to everyone!

Here’s a link to a song we’ll be singing this morning:  Stronger by Hillsong

Here’s a link to a dramatic reading of the sermon text for the day (Mark 2):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8vaDmUmV-I

Here’s a link to a video we’ll be playing for the offering today.


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