On Sunday mornings we are discussing Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit by Christopher J.H. Wright. We will be finishing chapter 1, Love, this Sunday, and moving on to chapter 2, Joy. Each of the 9 chapters stands alone, so anyone who is interested may join at any time. The book is available as an ebook also, so ordering is simple.
On Sunday evenings we are discussing Making a Difference, Impacting Society as a Christian by R.C. Sproul. The first 2/3 of the book is spent explaining the world views that affect current American society, the last part of the book is the Christian’s Role in Society. The first chapter, which we discussed last Sunday, is entitled The Importance of Cultural Awareness, chapter 2 is on secularism. There are a few questions at the end of each chapter to aid us in our discussion.
For a link to these studies, contact Lea Morello at leamorello@yahoo.com
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