Ministry Teams

At Chilson Hills Church every member is a minister.

We believe that God has given each of us a gift.

As we identify that gift, an opportunity to serve on a Ministry Team becomes apparent. Browse through the options below to see which ministry team interests you. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

New ministry teams are started when there is a group of people who are passionate about serving together to address a particular need in the church or in the community.

Blood Drive Ministry

Who are we? Our team of volunteers are passionate about organizing blood drives and giving our congregation an opportunity to serve the community and save the lives of people.

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What do we do? We organize and Assist the Red Cross in collecting blood donations.

Why is it significant? Simply put, We help save lives.

How often do we meet? We attempt 4 blood drives a year.

How much of a time commitment? 10am-6:30pm on Blood Drive days

Children’s Ministry Team

Who are we? CMT consists of the Children’s Ministry Coordinator, the Sunday Operations Coordinator, the Nursery Coordinator, Children’s Ministry Teachers and any other at-large members that are interested in the direction of children’s ministry at Chilson Hills Church.

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What do we do? CMT plans, coordinates, and implements the curriculum for our youngest members of the church. We provide the children with age appropriate lessons. We teach children how to apply the things they learn at church to their lives’ outside of the church. We provide a safe and secure place for the children of the church to come learn about God through stories, music, art, and movement. We also provide a place for the children to form friendships and make connections with others in the church that will provide guidance for years to come

Why is it significant? We provide the children of the church with religious education and a foundation for their future spiritual life.

How often do we meet? CMT meets once a month throughout the school year, with one meeting in the summer. We meet at 6:30 for 1-2 hours.

How much of a time commitment? One monthly meeting and any other time that you are able to commit to teaching or helping in the Sunday School.

Crib Ministry Team

Who are we? We minister to single mothers or mothers who are unable to afford basic care for their babies.

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What do we do? We provide brand new cribs for mothers as well as new mattresses, linens, and other gifts for the baby. Most importantly, we offer support and prayer for the mother and the new baby. Oversight for this new ministry will be provided by the Missions Coordinating Team

Why is it significant? According to Love INC, this serves a significant need in the community—providing support for struggling mothers and families.

How often do we meet? TBD

How much of a time commitment? Estimated 2-3 hours per week.

Columbarium Ministry Team

The Columbarium Team is a governing board that would assume responsibility for the maintenance, upkeep, marketing, usage and organization of the Memorial Garden and Columbarium.

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The team would have oversight over the following:

  • Memorial Garden Budget
  • Scheduling in the Memorial Garden
  • Maintenance, repairs, and upgrades
  • Memorial markers, plaques and signage
  • Internments including scheduling and placement of cremated remains
  • Rules, Fee schedules, guidelines
  • Memorial donations such as trees, plants, and decorations.
  • Record keeping including purchases and placement of memorials and cremated remains

For more information about the Memorial Gardens Team, contact Director of Operations, Greg Kidd.

Deacon Ministry Team

Who are we? The Deacons are a group of members who have committed to serving Chilson Hills and surrounding peoples based on their individual gifts and talents.  They have taken part in a preparation program of study of Old and New Testaments and have been voted by our congregation to serve as a ministry of presence.

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What do we do? Deacons offer opportunities for individual prayer during and after worship services, officiate weddings, funerals, hospital/home visitation, worship leading, among other ministries of presence. They are licensed to officiate weddings under the Chilson Hills’ Pastor’s guidance. They are a support for the Pastor, who meets with them.

Why is it significant? Offering a ministry of presence to members and guests of Chilson Hills Church is essential in the service of all God’s children.  

How often do we meet? Once a month.

How much of a time commitment? The time commitment varies with training depending on the availability of the Diaconate candidate. Aside from a team meeting once a month, Deacon’s often rotate availibility for on-call status to serve the congregation if the Pastor is unavailable.  

Family Life Ministry Team

Who are we? A team composed of Marriage Mentor couples. If you are interested in becoming a marriage mentor couple, please contact Pastor Angela.

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What do we do? As marriage mentors we meet with engaged couples preparing for marriage, or married couples hoping to enrich their relationship. We also plan and execute 4-5 family-friendly events that help raise funds for the church and help families develop strong relationships within the congregation (Family Camping, Trunk R’ Treat, etc.).

Why is it significant? We help marriages start strong and stay strong by supporting couples with practical advice and biblical wisdom. Our events gives the congregation space to develop relationship relationships and helps to strengthen our church family.

How often do we meet? Once a month or as needed.

How much of a time commitment? Typically, our meetings last between 1 and 2 hours long. Planning and executing church-wide fun events will require additional time invested in the preparation, set-up and execution.

Finance Ministry Team

The Church Finance Team is composed of four congregation-elected positions (Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Assistant Financial Secretary) and a team of counters who record the offerings each Sunday.

To serve as a counter or for more information about how you could serve as one of the elected financial officers, contact Greg Kidd, Director of Operations.

Hospitality Ministry Team

Who are we? We are committed to offering hospitality to our guests and members through memorial meals during funeral services and coffee on Sunday mornings.

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What do we do? We provide coffee for Sunday services and meals for memorial services

Why is it significant? We want to help people feel at home and comforted when they come through the doors of our church. Meals and beverages are a simple way of expressing love, and “welcoming the stranger” and honoring our guests. Memorial meals provide support to grieving families in grief.

How often do we meet? 1 to 2 times a year.

How much of a time commitment? Coffee is a 1 month commitment. This consists of making coffee and cleaning up. 45 minutes a Sunday. Memorial meals are an on-demand commitment.

Usher Ministry Team

Who are we? The usher ministry assists the pastor to bring his vision for the church to fulfillment. We also work to foster an atmosphere where all feel welcome and safe to worship. Ushers have been given the responsibility of tending to the details of each service so that it is conducted in an orderly fashion.

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What do we do? As representatives of Chilson Hills Church and Jesus Christ it is the ushers calling to serve all those who come to worship with a servants heart. Some of the usher’s duties include greeting and welcoming guests, handing out bulletins, and taking up offering and serving communion.

Why is it significant? Ushers represent the church in a very visible way and help set the tone in preparation for the worship service, as well as assist with the smooth operation within the service.
How often do we meet? Ushers meet annually with additional meetings on an as-needed basis.

How much of a time commitment? If you volunteer to be an usher, we ask that you commit to serve at least every third month for at least one calendar year (January thru December).

Property Management Team

Who are we? Property Management Team: Caretakers and managers of Chilson Hills Church, God’s house of worship.

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What do we do? We work with the church administrator to monitor and maintain the condition of the church building and grounds. We manage the building usage for congregational and community functions. We are responsible for facility improvements and repairs. We monitor church contracts for snow removal and lawn care.

Why is it significant? A well-maintained church and properly groomed grounds helps the congregation and community feel safe, warm and welcomed. Our work makes our place of worship pleasing to the eye and inspiring.

How often do we meet? We meet monthly.

How much of a time commitment? Our meetings last 1-2hrs, depending on the issues covered. Commitment for services needed, i.e. repair, maintenance, can vary depending on the task at hand (lawn care, trimming, inside repairs, light changing, etc) and the number of people on the team that are available for labor.

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