Prayer Requests (Updated 3/1/24)

Please pray for Mary Wingard (daughter of Don & Pat Rose). Mary was recently diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. Please pray also for the Rose and Tyler families. (3/1/24)

Prayers of thanks for Arthur, father of Mark Morra. Arthur is doing much better. He is out of the hospital and on new a medication. Thank you for your prayers. (3/1/24)

Please keep our good friend Ed Dykema in your prayers, as he will be having back surgery Tuesday morning. (Bruce & Peggy Streight) (2/23/24)

Please pray for Lee’s continued sobriety (Holly Hinson) (2/15/24)

Prayers of thanksgiving for Jess, close friend of Mary Fischer), who is doing well after heart & pulmonary problems. (2/15/24)

Please pray for continued healing for Bob Leon during ongoing heart procedures. (2/15/24)

Please continue to pray for strength and healing for Kara C. (friend of Mary Fischer) (2/15/24)

Please continue to pray for Joey B. as he is still recovering a searching for a new job. (Holly Hinson) (2/15/24)

Please continue to pray for Wanda as she undergoes rehab. (Agnes Wallace) (2/15/24)

Please continue to pray for peace and strength for the family of Andy Snook. (Father is a coworker of Mark Fischer) (2/15/24)

Please pray for Heather (daughter of Alia MacStay), for whom there is good news and bad news. Please offer thanks for the results of her chest scan, there is no sign of cancer in her chest. Please continue to pray for healing: there are still cancer markers in her blood. More watchful waiting, blood tests, and scans to come. (2/15/24)

Please pray for Pat (friend of Joanne Magee), who recently lost her husband, John. He struggled for years with Muscular Dystrophy & then was diagnosed with cancer which had metastasized throughout his body. Prayers are needed for Pat & her family. (2/14/24)

Please pray for Diane (a dear friend of Joanne Magee). Diane’s husband has Parkinson’s & dementia so bad that he no longer recognizes her after almost 60 years of marriage. Additionally, her daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, had surgery & is undergoing chemo. Prayers are needed for Diane’s entire family. (2/14/24)

Prayers of thanksgiving for Jennifer Provencal who is recovering nicely from shoulder surgery. Continued prayers for recovery and return of strength. (2/14/24)

Please keep Joy Warwick in your prayers as she mourns the passing of her husband, Dave. Longtime members of Chilson Hills. (2/9/24)

Please pray for Jenny and Les Melkvik as they grieve the passing of Jenny’s Mother, Mary.

Please pray for the friends and family of Steve Domanke (neighbor of the Fischers), as we mourn his sudden passing. He was a wonderful neighbor, gardener and son/ brother/ uncle that always put everyone else’s needs before his own. We will miss his smiling face… Pray God wraps his family in peace and comforts them at their time of need. May he rest in peace. (1/26/24)

Please pray for Michelle Salinis as breast cancer has returned after 14yrs. Pray for strength for her family to get through this continued battle, as breast cancer has hit all of the women in her family. Michelle is the daughter of Karen Reames’s cousin. Thank you for your prayers. (1/23/24)

Please pray for the Shoner family as they grieve the passing of Richie Shoner. (1/18/24)

Please pray for Andrea St. Aubin (Graves) and family. Her daughter, Audrey Dunlap, died unexpectedly and tragically while visiting in Canada this past Sunday. Arrangements will be communicated later. (1/17/24)

Please pray for Kelli who had a hysterectomy and is home recovering. (Funke family)(1/12/24)

Please pray for the family of Don Penzien, Nancy Runyon’s brother-in-law, who passed Monday morning. (1/1/24)

Please pray for George Colone (Father of Frank & Doreene Renko’s daughter in law, Kim Renko) who has been in the hospital with severe pain. After tests, it looks like his pain is from an intestinal blockage. Pray for answers and for relief from his pain. (1/1/24)

Please continue to pray for Keith (coworker of Jesse Ping’s daughter Tiffany) who had emergency open heart surgery. Surgery went very smoothly and he is home recovering. Recovery will take a few months. Keith and his family are grateful for the prayers. (12/26/23)

Please pray for Kathleen, John, Dennis and Kathy Treanor. All are recovering from COVID. (12/22/23)

Please pray for Cheryl, just dx with stage 4 lung cancer, only 57yo. (12/8/23)

Please pray for the family of Glen Fuller. Glen was a friend of Steve & Jan Funke since they were teens. Also, he has been estranged from his kids.(12/6/23)

Please pray for Nancy Runyons brother-in-law, Don Penzien, who is now on palliative hospice care at their home in Tennessee. Pray for his and his wife’s comfort and peace during this emotional time. (12/3/23)

Please pray for the family of Phillip Webb (86), brother in law of Dave Shirk. He died in the early morning of November 24. (11/24/23)

Please pray Pat Shoner and her family as they travel this week. Pray for Rich for good health, and for his friend Patsy and her family who are mourning the loss of her sister. (11/22/23)

Continue to pray for Margie DeWitt (Carol Shirk’s sister). She is hospitalized, unable to communicate due to an earlier brain injury. (Dave Shirk) (10/31/23)

Pray for Tim McDonald for continued healing from back issues. (10/26/23)

Please continue to pray for MaryAnn Farmer and her family. (10/26/23)

Pray for our dear friend Carol Smith as she has entered hospice care. Pray for comfort and peace as she enjoys this part of her life at home. (10/26/23)

Pray for Margaret Koscielnick Dione. (Sue Ping’s cousins’ daughter). She is fighting stage 4 breast cancer. This is her second round with this very aggressive cancer. Please pray that she finds a treatment that works. (10/26/23)

Pray for the people of Afghanistan as they face continued turmoil and terror due to the Taliban and suffering from recent earthquakes. (10/26/23)

Please pray for Sarah Ryan‘s big brother in Florida who is very sick. (10/18/23)

Please pray for Melissa and Jay who have welcomed twin girls into their home through foster care. The girls have been through a lot, prayers that they feel peace, comfort, and love in their new home. (10/5/23)

A prayer of thanksgiving for all of the support and prayers for George Miller. Recent tests have shown progress in shrinking the cancerous tumors. We are hopeful for continued progress with treatments. (Nick Miller) (9/26/23)

Please pray for Lorne M. She is expecting a baby next month and there are complications. Pray for healing, peace and knowing God is with her and her child. (Sally Marshall) (9/26/23)

Please pray for Sue Wilson who has been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Prayers for her recovery to be swift. (9/5/23)

Prayer update: Dave Rentz is healing at home from Prostate surgery. Continued prayer for treatment and recovery. (08/30/23)

Pray for Tina Arquette who has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She has a good attitude about diagnosis. Pray for healing and for her doctor to make the right decisions. (Susy Miley) (8/11/23)

Pray for Ed Jones who has suffered from a stroke. (Friend of Nick Miller) (7/19/23)

Please lift the Franks/Balyeat family in prayer and specifically Kaleb. Pray that God works rapidly in a very complex situation. May they experience the clarity, comfort and peace that only God can provide. (7/11/23)

Pray for Kaycee who is struggling with long COVID symptoms. (Daughter of Mark Morra) (6/27/23)

Pray for my neighbor, Kate, who has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time. Her treatment options are few, and she’s struggling with what to do. (Joanne Magee) (6/12/23)

Pray for Devin (friend of Scott Runyon) who has been to the hospital, is dealing with physical and medical issues. Also pray for Devin’s family, including his wife and four kids. (6/2/23)

Please keep our sister church, Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in prayer. (6/1/23)

Pray for the Rabideau family as they are dealing with multiple loved ones with illnesses.

A Thanksgiving for Sophia (17) who has been struggling with intense medical issues due to COVID which has prevented her from attending school. After a year of trying multiple treatments, the family is sought treatment in Utah with a specialist, that would require additional financial support. Sophia’s family is so grateful that enough funds were raised to send her to Utah for treatment. Continue to pray for her that this treatment encourages recovery and quality of life. You can read more about Sophia by clicking this link. (Granddaughter of Jamie and David Swink)

Pray for Emily – struggling with mental health. (April Ping)

Pray for Jenny Melkvik Pray for continued healing and recovery for Jenny.

Pray for Tyler Rice. She is 23 y/o and having severe mental health problems. Keep her and her family is prayer as they seek help and recovery. (Holly Hinson)

Pray for peace in Ukraine and Russia.

Pray for those who mourn.

Pray for Patty Ann (Daughter of Annie Anderson) who has been diagnosed with cancer and will be receiving chemo and radiation.

Pray for families dealing with the difficult transitions of divorce.

Pray for those struggling with anxiety.

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