Prayer Requests (Updated 9/28/23)

Please continue to pray for Bruce Streight as he recovers from a fall earlier this week. All tests have been clear and Bruce is expected to come home from the hospital today (Thursday) (9/28/23)

A prayer of thanksgiving for all of the support and prayers for George Miller. Recent tests have shown progress in shrinking the cancerous tumors. We are hopeful for continued progress with treatments. (Nick Miller) (9/26/23)

Please pray for Bob Leon as he has been taken to the hospital and is undergoing tests and observation for cardiac issues and possible episode. (9/26/23)

Please pray for Lorne M. She is expecting a baby next month and there are complications. Pray for healing, peace and knowing God is with her and her child. (Sally Marshall) (9/26/23)

Please pray for Bob Miley‘s cousin, Ted Schmidt (almost 79yo), who has fluid in lungs, hematoma in his leg from thigh to knee, swollen leg and foot. They can’t remove the fluid because of low blood pressure. They took a CT scan to see if there is any internal bleeding, he may need a blood transfusion. (9/26/23)

Please pray for Sue Ping as she recovers from gall bladder removal surgery. (9/15/23)

Please pray for Gary Sumner as he is recovering from open heart surgery Monday morning. Please also lift Susan in prayer as she cares for Gary following this procedure. (9/12/23)

Please pray for Lisa Whinnie’s health, for her friend whose boyfriend passed away, and for her boyfriend who has broken his wrist and is waiting to see an orthopedic surgeon. (9/12/23)

Please pray for Alia MacStay as she is in Maui serving with the Red Cross. She recently injured her back while lifting some boxes and is on light duty. Prayers that her back relaxes and can recover swiftly. (9/12/23)

Please pray for the people of Morocco. (9/12/23)

Please pray for Sue Wilson who has been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Prayers for her recovery to be swift. (9/5/23)

Please pray for Cathie Beaudet (68 yo sister of Susy Miley) who is in the hospital with pneumonia and bacterial infection and on oxygen. Pray for healing of her lungs and over all health. (9/4/23)

Prayer update: Dave Rentz is healing at home from Prostate surgery. Continued prayer for treatment and recovery. (08/30/23)

Please pray for Anna Cotton who is in the hospital. (friend of Nick Miller) (08/30/23)

Please pray for the family and friends of Mark Merrill (55). Mark passed away Saturday night. He had struggled with stage 4 kidney failure, however his passing was not expected. (Nephew of Carol Tyler and Pat Rose) (8/23/23)

Pray for continued healing for Jesse Ping as he is in recovery and doing well after a heart procedure this morning. (8/14/23)

Continue to pray for Jess (close friend of Mary Fischer). She suffered a cardiac incident and pulmonary embolism 8/6. Thank God her family was over for Sunday dinner, or doctors said she would not be with us today. She is now home from the hospital and continues to heal. The doctors believe that the damage to her heart and lungs is temporary, and full recovery is possible over time. God is good! Thank you all so much for your prayers. (8/13/23)

Pray for Doug Holder. He is in U of M hospital after having an episode of a fib and hypertension. He is undergoing testing. (8/13/23)

Pray for Tina Arquette who has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She has a good attitude about diagnosis. Pray for healing and for her doctor to make the right decisions. (Susy Miley) (8/11/23)

Pray for Pat Shoner as she is continuing to recover from knee replacement surgery. (8/3/23)Continue to pray for Don Rose who is recovering from gall bladder removal surgery. (8/3/23)

Pray for Tim McDonald for healing from back issues. (8/2/23)
Pray for Kathy McGuire for healing from shoulder surgery and treatment of back issues. (8/2/23)

Pray for the family and friends of Steve Van Dyke who passed away on Monday. Steve was a dedicated paramedic for Livingston County for almost 25 years. (Friend of Nick Miller) (8/2/23)

Pray for Frank Renko who was in a car accident this morning. He is staying overnight at the hospital for observation and getting treatment for a possible brain bleed. (Doreen Renko) (7/26/23)

Pray for Joey B. who was found unconscious after having seizures. He is in the hospital with multiple injuries from the incident. Broken arm, shoulder out of place, broken pelvis and contusions. He had surgery Monday (7/24) but will have a long recovery. (Holly Hinson) (7/25/23)Pray for Becki, (co-worker of Holly Hinson) who was in a car accident on Sunday. Please pray for her recovery from some fractured vertebrae and some cuts and bruises. Thankfully she was on her way to pick up her daughter but had not picked up her yet. She is so glad that she wasn’t in the car with her. (7/25/23)

Pray for Jessica (friend of Mary Fischer) who has been in and out of the hospital since Friday with debilitating nerve pain. Pray for a diagnosis, treatment and protocol for pain maintenance through recovery. (7/25/23)

Pray for Rhyker Lee and his family, he was born at 37 weeks with a complicated delivery. He is doing well in the NICU and undergoing tests related to lack of oxygen. (Jennifer Coates) (7/19/23)

Pray for Richie Shoner who is in the hospital due to seizures and blood in his vomit. (Son of Pat Shoner) (7/19/23)

Pray for Ed Jones who has suffered from a stroke. (Friend of Nick Miller) (7/19/23)

Please lift the Franks/Balyeat family in prayer and specifically Kaleb. Pray that God works rapidly in a very complex situation. May they experience the clarity, comfort and peace that only God can provide. (7/11/23)

Please pray for Beverly Davis, 59 who has suffered a brain aneurism and is in critical condition. Her prognosis is not good. Please pray for her and her family to feel God’s comfort and peace. (Neighbor and friend of Sue Wilson) (7/11/23)

Please pray for Mike Kontz who is undergoing hip surgery. Prayers for a successful procedure and smooth recovery. (7/10/23)

Pray of Thanksgiving for A.J. (grandson of Steve & Jan Funke). A J saw the cardiologist Thursday and the EKG showed nothing. He is fine. Dr figured he hadn’t eaten good and probably a bit of dehydration. Thank you for your prayers, everyone. (7/7/23)

Pray for MaryAnn Farmer who is now home from the hospital and recovering from breathing issues among other health complications. (7/5/23)

Pray for Dave Rentz. He has been diagnosed with stage one prostate cancer and will be undergoing surgery in August. The prognosis is positive. Linda and Dave welcome all our healing prayers and remain hopeful through this process. (7/5/23)

Pray for the family of Trudy Enderle. Trudy passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 101. She is the mother of Steve & Jan Funke’s good friend, Mark. (7/5/23)

Prayer of Thanksgiving from Bruce & Peggy Streight who would like to give thanks for all the prayers, cards, texts, and phone calls. The power of prayer heals. Bruce is doing better from his blood clot in his leg. Thank all of you!! (7/3/23)

Pray for Wanda who fell Tuesday and broke her wrist then at Dr. Thursday found she had also broken her pelvis in the fall. Prayer for a lot of healing for her. She is 95 years old. (Agnes Wallace) (6/28/23)

Pray for Rachel Cross (co-worker of Holly Hinson). She has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and is waiting for surgery to be scheduled and all that follows.(6/28/23)

Pray for Bob who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and struggling with treatment. (Husband of Dorothy, dear friend of Lea Morello) (6/27/23)

Pray for Sam (Lea Morello’s Dad) is now residing in a memory care facility. Please pray for his, and the family’s, adjustment to this new phase of life. Pray for his wife Margaret as this transition will be most difficult since she was his caregiver. (6/27/23)

Pray for continued healing for teen Andy Snook. (Andy’s Father is a coworker of Mark Fischer) (6/27/23)

Pray for Kaycee who is struggling with long COVID symptoms. (Daughter of Mark Morra) (6/27/23)

Pray for Joanne Magee who is continuing to heal from back pain and is thankful to be improving. (6/27/23)

Pray for Sharon Dill (Mother-in-law to Nancy Runyon‘s Daughter), as she struggles with ongoing health issues, especially with her heart. (6/27/23)

Pray for Janet Read who is going through treatment for pancreatic cancer. (Friend of Angie Miller) (6/27/23)

Please pray for Ethan Browder 20 y/o (Relative of Jim Peoples). Ethan is going through brain rehab. (6/27/23)

Pray for my neighbor, Kate, who has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time. Her treatment options are few, and she’s struggling with what to do. (Joanne Magee) (6/12/23)

Pray for Heather (34) who is awaiting radiation therapy. (Daughter of Alia MacStay) (6/12/23)

Pray for Ray (brother of Alia MacStay) for heart trouble and rheumatoid arthritis. (6/12/23)

Pray for the family of Marietta Gibson (Debbie Lovins aunt) who passed away recently. (6/12/23)

Pray for the family of Agnes “Aggie” Caldwell who passed away last night. Lift the Palm family in prayer as they grieve the loss of their sweet grandmother. Memorial details to come. (6/11/23)

Pray for Janet who has been struggling with illness and has received the news of a mass on her pancreas. Still awaiting lab results. (Mother of Marlene Inman) (6/10/23)

Pray for Teresa’s (Pat Shoner‘s daughter-in-law) father, Bruce. He was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung and liver cancer. Also, pray for my Teresa, as she is having a very hard time dealing with the situation. (6/8/23)

Pray for the Holder family as they grieve the unexpected passing of Dave Holder. (6/6/23)

Pray for Devin (friend of Scott Runyon) who has been to the hospital, is dealing with physical and medical issues. Also pray for Devin’s family, including his wife and four kids. (6/2/23)

Pray for Lee Southard (dear friend of Holly Hinson) for continued sobriety. (6/1/23)

Please keep our sister church, Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in prayer. (6/1/23)

Prayer of thanksgiving and update. George Miller is home from the hospital after two long weeks. He has received a port and will be getting chemotherapy for the next 8 weeks that will allow surgery to remove the cancer. Thank you to everyone that has been praying for George and the Miller family. (Nick Miller‘s Dad) (6/1)

Pray for Greg W for continued healing and strength after being hospitalized for a blood infection. Pray for answers and successful treatment, and for the members of his medical team.(5/10/23)

Pray for Taylor who had surgery on his back Thursday (5/11). Help us pray for a successful procedure and complete healing.(5/10/23)

Pray for Kathy, who was recently diagnosed with stage 3, very rare cancer. Pray for her medical team at Henry Ford, may they receive guidance and answers for treatment. Pray that Kathy remains strong through all of this. She is a nurse, who has spent her life giving of herself and resources for anyone in need. Pray she feels the love and light she has shared for so many years, coming back to her & giving her the faith and courage to continue to heal. (Mary Fischer)(5/10/23)

Pray for the family and friends of Mary, as they grieve her sudden passing. (Friend of Susy Miley) (5/4/23)

Prayers of thanksgiving that Irene Click and Bob Leon have been home and recovering well. Please pray for continued healing and strength for both of them. (5/4/23)

Pray for Julia, for healing, comfort, God’s clarity and peace.

Pray for Emma Provencal who is home recovering from a virus. Pray for continued recovery and rest.

Please pray for Marten, a young man who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Pray for Sarah Ryan’s uncle who is having knee surgery again.

Pray for our dear friend Carol Smith as she has entered hospice care. Pray also for her family as they keep her comfortable and care for her in this stage.

Let us pray for all those affected at MSU Monday evening, and our friend, Rev Alex Pickens, as he continues to minister in these times of need and crisis. Pray for an MSU student and Hartland HS graduate 2020 who sustained gun shot wounds and has had multiple brain surgeries. Please wrap the victims, the families and friends of all those involved, including the first responders, in our thoughts and prayers. There simply are no words… dear God, grant us peace.

Please pray for Jennifer (42) who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. (Friend of Angie Miller)

Pray for my mother, Brenda Sauls, who has congestive heart failure. (Debbie Lovin)

Pray for the Rabideau family as they are dealing with multiple loved ones with illnesses.

Pray for Brenda who has been fighting a virus since mid December. Pray that her body regains strength and recovers soon.

Pray for Susan (45 y/o) who is the recipient of a liver transplant. Pray for continued health and recovery.

Pray for continued healing and recovery for Theresa (friend of Lea Morello). Her surgery on the 9th went well. She will be in hospital having PT, OT, etc. until Friday.

Pray for Pat Steele who is home recovering from Carotid artery surgery.

Pray for multiple people struggling with serious depression and mental health. Justin, Kelly and Jay. Kelly was in a recent car accident that resulted in her dog’s death. May God lift the heaviness that they are experiencing and wrap them in peace and comfort.

Pray for Melany for smooth and successful recovery from surgery.

Pray for Brady (Friend of Angie Miller)

Pray for Bob Sawitski (Provencal Family) for healing from heart issues.

Pray for Don Penzien (Nancy Runyons brother-in-law) who is in the hospital in South Carolina with blood clots on his lungs.

Pray for Natalie Magee.

Pray for Pat Shoner, for patience and healing as she awaits knee surgery.

A Thanksgiving for Sophia (16) who has been struggling with intense medical issues due to COVID which has prevented her from attending school. After a year of trying multiple treatments, the family is sought treatment in Utah with a specialist, that would require additional financial support. Sophia’s family is so grateful that enough funds were raised to send her to Utah for treatment. Continue to pray for her that this treatment encourages recovery and quality of life. You can read more about Sophia by clicking this link. (Granddaughter of Jamie and David Swink)

Pray for Margaret Koscielnick Diane. (Sue Ping’s cousins’ daughter). She is fighting stage 4 breast cancer. This is her second round with this very aggressive cancer. She has just returned from Tucson AZ where she was given a new treatment plan. Please pray she will be able to receive this treatment and it will work for her.

Pray for Kayla – incorrect cancer diagnosis, instead scaring was found.
Pray for Meredith – thankful that the surgery was successful (April Ping)

Pray for Steve (friend of the Fischer family) recently diagnosed with liver concerns.

Pray for Steve Brondyke who is suffering from severe PTSD from military time served in Afghanistan. Please pray for John Brondyke who is struggling with damage to his heart from complications due to COVID. (Friends of Dave Shirk and Karen Reames)

Pray for Judy & Don (Sister & Brother-in-law of Nancy Runyon) Don is struggling with dementia.

Pray for Kara C. (friend of Mary Fischer) she is having difficulty recovering from what should have been a routine surgical procedure. Pray for continued healing and that the doctors find out what is causing so much additional pain.

Pray for Emily – struggling with mental health. (April Ping)

Pray for Margie DeWitt (Carol Shirk’s sister). She is hospitalized, but unable to communicate due to an earlier brain injury. (Dave Shirk)

Pray for Jenny Melkvik Pray for continued healing and recovery for Jenny.

Pray for Ruth Virley, 96, and family as she nears her transition to her eternal life. (Milo Runyon’s Aunt).

Pray for Ray (Brother of Alia MacStay) as he deals with intense inflammation from Rheumatoid Arthritis that is causing other issues leading to Dementia and heart trouble.

Esther and husband Don Parsons as they are in Warsaw, Poland working with Ukrainian Refugees, listening to their horrific stories and praying with them. (Nancy Runyon)

Pray for Tyler Rice. She is 23 y/o and having severe mental health problems. Keep her and her family is prayer as they seek help and recovery. (Holly Hinson)

Pray for Pastor DJ, Heather, Danny, Lincoln and Chilson Hills Church during this time of change and transition.

Pray for peace in Ukraine and Russia.

Pray for those who mourn.

Pray for the Franks/Balyeat family.

Pray for Patty Ann (Daughter of Annie Anderson) who has been diagnosed with cancer and will be receiving chemo and radiation.

Pray for families dealing with the difficult transitions of divorce.

Pray for Greg Amburgey, retired Putnam Fire Chief, who was recently diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. (Friend of Nick Miller)

Pray for health and healing during cancer treatments for Steve Moore (Colleague of Nick Miller).

Pray for those struggling with anxiety.

Pray for the people of Afghanistan as they face immeasurable turmoil and terror due to the Taliban.

Pray for Jane Severn who was just diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (friend of Nancy Runyon)

Pray for Doreen Renko‘s brother, Donald, who is struggling with kidney issues

Pray for Dann Lipke as he continues to recover.

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