Chilson Hills Church is inviting everyone to return the church building for in-person worship gatherings beginning Sunday, March 14.  For information about our reopening plan and what we are doing to ensure your safety, please follow this link.

All worship attenders (worship leaders excluded) are expected to wear face masks while inside the building.  If you plan on attending our service, please note the following guidelines:

  • Children’s Programming will resume on April 11.  We will look for ways to include children in the worship service, but parents should be prepared to have their children with them in the worship service
  • We will move our service to the outdoor Memorial Garden as soon as the temperature warms to approximately 50 degrees (in the morning).
  • Please enter through the main entrance doors on the far right.  Please exit the building through two the sets of doors (if you are standing in the lobby) on the right.
  • We will have hand sanitizer stations available throughout the lobby, however, we are not encouraging people to linger or congregate in the lobby.
  • We will be serving communion during our worship services.  Communion “kits” will be available for you as you enter the worship center
  • We invite you to bring your own chairs if you are not comfortable using the church’s chairs.  People will be encouraged spread out in our worship center.
  • All chairs will be sterilized after every worship gathering
  • All worship gatherings will continue to be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.
  • If you do not feel well, or you do not feel comfortable being in congregational settings, please don’t feel pressure to join us.  But please make every effort to stay connected.

Any Questions?  Please contact Pastor DJ or Greg Kidd.

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